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Running Fitness Coaching

As a qualified personal trainer and experienced runner my aim is to help you both get running and keep running in a way that fits with your lifestyle.

A lot of running coaching concentrates on detailed running plans only.  With me we'll work on your overall fitness to make sure you can run injury free and in a way that you enjoy it.  We'll create plans together that fit around your life commitments so whatever is agreed is realistic and likely to be achieved.

Over the years I've found myself being asked to support runners around three main areas below:

Orange Couch

Beyond Couch to 5km

Thousands of people have done the couch to 5k programme but then get stuck.  I help you to keep going, whether that to create a new habit of integrating running in to life, or heading for that next distance such as a 10km.

Physical Therapy Session


I work with running injuries to get you back out treading the trails.  This of course also means helping you with prehab to make sure injuries don't return or even happen in the first place.

Running Shoes

Stepping up

I work with runners who want to step up to the next distance but aren't sure how to do it, whether 5 to 10km, half marathon to marathon or even marathon to ultra.

Whatever your running needs, we'll do a detailed set of checks to see where there may be imbalances and so sources of injury.  Depending where you are in the country, we'll either meet up to do this part in person, or we can do it over video.


We'll then create a 3 month plan that works for your lifestyle, with regular check ins throughout to check on progress and tweak the plan as needed.  Life always throws in challenges and plans need to be flexible enough to cope with that otherwise we set ourselves up to fail.

If you simply need a bit of motivation to get out there then please do join my Strava running group called The Ploggers.  If you aren't familiar with plogging, it's all about picking up litter while you run.  It's very rewarding and great exercise as it involves pausing, bending, stretching and great core work.  Of course, you don't have to plog to be part of the team!

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