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Sticking Personal Change

Have you ever started a personal change, only to find yourself back on the couch with a tub of ice cream faster than you can say "New Year's resolution"?

Fear not, for today we're diving into the exciting world of making personal change stick like glue, and we're bringing some scoops of neuroscience along for the ride! 🧠💪

Tip #1: Be BFFs with your brain

Let's start with a mind-blowing fact: your brain loves habits. Seriously, it's like your brain is in a committed relationship with your daily routines. So, if you're itching to transform your life, cosy up to your brain and kindly ask, "Hey, can you help me out here?" Get both your thinking caps on and come up with ideas on how to make this change a habit.

Tip #2: Baby steps

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is your brand-new, fabulous self. Small, manageable steps are the secret sauce topping to lasting change. Your brain loves little wins, and each one gives it a sweet hit of dopamine, which is like a hug from your brain to you. 🙌


Neuroscientists have spotted this little party in your brain's reward centre when you achieve a goal, reinforcing the neural pathways associated with your new habits. Over time, these pathways become well-paved highways, making your new habits feel as natural as scrolling through cat memes. It's time to move from a muddy permissive footpath to a ten-lane motorway.

Tip #3: Ditch the lone wolf act

Picture this: you're a lone wolf on a personal change mission, howling at the moon in solitude. Cool, right? But here's the deal – you're not a lone wolf. You're a highly social creature wired to thrive in a community. Share your goals with friends, family, or even your friendly barista (they make an excellent accountability partner).


When you spill the beans about your goals, your brain gets a boost of social reward. This activates the brain's "feel-good" regions, making your journey enjoyable and encouraging you to stick with it. Plus, you've got a squad to cheer you on when things get tough!

Tip #4: Mindfully marvellous

Ever tried mindfulness? It's like giving your brain a spa day. As you tune into the present moment, you're rewiring your brain to manage stress and temptation. That means when that cookie monster tempts you, you'll be like, "Not today, sugary fiend! Begone!"


Mindfulness has been shown to physically change your brain structure, increasing grey matter in regions linked to self-control. So, the more you practice, the more you're sculpting a brain that's wired for resilience and sticking to your fabulous changes.

Tip #5: Embrace slip-ups

Guess what? We're all human, and slip-ups happen. But here's the catch: don't let a slip turn into a full-blown slide. Instead of beating yourself up, treat slip-ups as learning opportunities. Your brain loves this growth mindset stuff – it's like catnip for self-improvement.


Neuroplasticity, baby! Your brain is remarkably flexible and adaptable. So, every time you course-correct after a slip-up, you're actually strengthening your brain's ability to handle challenges and maintain change. It's like a mental gym session but without the sweating and heavy-breathing!

In a nutshell, making personal change stick isn't about summoning an army of willpower wizards. It's about understanding your brain's quirks, creating a cosy habitat for new habits, and nurturing yourself along the way. Now, go out there and make your personal change journey stickier than a treacle sandwich.

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