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How much are sessions?
Great question.

Choose the area you want

NLP Coaching

Running Fitness Coaching

Coaching Supervision

NLP Coaching sessions are 50 mins long and all done online via video calls.

I know from experience that sometimes the times we really need coaching help are the times we can't afford it.  So, my coaching fees are on an honesty means-tested basis.

The cost ranges from £25 to £45 per session depending on what you can afford.  Pay what you can, it's as simple as that.

On another note, if you've read my About page, you'll know I'm about supporting great causes and helping the world be a better pace.  For those who have regular coaching with me, the fee for every fourth session goes directly to a charity of your choice.


Running Fitness Coaching involves an initial video chat and physical assessment to identify your fitness goals and your level of flexibility and strength.  I then go away and create a detailed 12 week plan for you to follow.  Once the plan is ready we have another video call to walk (or maybe I should say run) through the plan and check you know how to do the exercises. This initial work including all of the above is £120.

After that it all depends how much support you want and need.

If you are happy and self-motivated enough to crack on with your plan.  Then there's no more cost involved.  At the end of the 12 week plan, if you want a refresh for another 12 weeks then we'd have another call to review progress and I'd create an updated version for you.  The call and update would be £55.

If you'd prefer some extra support during your 12 weeks either to simply keep your mind at rest, or you need someone to help keep you accountable then for a monthly cost of £45 we would have one 30 min video call per month to check in on progress plus we'll keep in touch through WhatsApp text chat for informal motivation and cheering.


Coaching Supervision sessions are 50 mins long and all done online via video calls.

The cost is £45 per session.  Nice and simple!

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